Archi-hub Studio is a creative house incepted in 2014 and incorporated in 2018 under the founder Architect Mugambi and Architect Aunga. Our heartful specialty is to continuously provide new and innovative Architectural and building solutions, Interior and spatial design solutions in design and full project installations. Archi-hub Studio is a design and build company employing building specialists in the key areas of the Building Industry. We have a wide network serving the Kenyan market and East Africa as well.

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Providing Technologically advanced and cost effective building & Engineering solutions while ensuring sustainability and upholding professional ethics

Building Philosophy

Our philosophy of building is guided by a building process that has six main parts:

i) Problem Stating

Problem areas are prostulated. This helps determine the boundaries of all subsequent investigation.The boundaries are not sacrosanct as subsequent work may well uncover facts which will disturb the original genesis of the project.

ii) Observation

This includes the gathering of all relevant information. During this stage we also review existing examples or phenomena. The selections of what to observe, and how to record the observations is done with skill and objectivity.

iii) Analysis

In this stage, the results of observations, in terms of data collection, fact riding, and areas of success, failure orredudancy are accessed, sometimes by statistical processes. This allows the problem to be reduced to manageable proportions.

iv) Hypothesis

After reviewing the colleated information, we frame hypothesis. This involves the development of a theory leading to a useful classification of consistent aims.Testing of hypothesis, by means of optical or mathematical models is usually undertaken.These may well suggest further questions at this stage, and require backtracking to the first stage

v) Evaluation

This establishes the relevance of the hypothesis as nally expressed and begin to point a solution, or in many cases, possible alternative solutions which in their time should be evaluated, and their constraints and values frecognized.

vi) Synthesis

During this stage, one essential solution is adopted so that a course of action can be condently pursued. This is clearly documented and the priorities in the decision to proceed clearly stated.